The future of advertising is cooperative!

GoForIt Walk&Win is a bleeding edge couponing platform making discounts a multi-win situation for everyone involved. We connect customers and local advertisers in a playful way helping both parties to get exactly what they want.

What is GoForIt Walk&Win?

GoForIt Walk&Win is a geo-based mobile couponing platform. What does that mean? It means you can collect digital coupons, so called Goupons, out in the real world. But it is not quite as simple as that. You've got to put a little bit more effort into it because every Goupon is split into fractions which all have to be gathered and put together in order to cash it in. Goes can be placed anywhere around the globe, close to each other or spread all over the place. But don't you worry, the app will help you track them down. The map will show you where to find Goes.

Collect. Trade. Earn.

Our Goupons are going to be fractioned into so called Goes. You will have to collect a certain amount of Goes in order to fuse them into a valid Goupon. You can trade Goes and Goupons in our in-app marketplace.
Bronze Goin
Silver Goin
Gold Goin


Our prototype is already functionable in most of the core features and is going to be testable very soon. Have a look and tell us what you think.
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Goin' to the market

In the past you might have got a sheet full of coupons and only a few of them were actually useful for you. Those days are over. Even though every Go is part of a specific Goupon and thus linked to a discount for a particular product it is still worth your time and effort if you do not want its assigned product. Simply take it to the in-app market and sell it for Goins.

What Kind of 'Go-Hunter' Are You?

Whether you are on the hunt for the hottest discounts or seek a playful way to explore the world - GoForIt Walk&Win is exactly what you need. And thanks to the in-app trading market you are in full control of what you get.
The Hunter

In a world becoming more and more expensive the Bargain Hunter always seeks the best offers and highest discounts on his shopping spree. Sounds like you? Then you may have a lot of experience in managing a variety of different coupons - many still on paper - and coping with offers you actually do not even desire. Consider those days history. With GoForIt Walk&Win bargain hunting hits the 21st century.

The Explorer

No matter if you are new in town or simply on vacation, you always want to discover your surroundings? Then you are the explorer type. But where to go when there is no point of interest around? What if there is nothing much to see? Worry no more! With GoForIt Walk&Win every walk is worthwhile.

The Trader

Are you always in for a good deal to make some Goins on the side? Then you may be a "natural born" trader and will enjoy our marketplace for its trading opportunities. You won't even need any initial capital to invest. Just go for it and catch you initial amount of Goes to trade your way to the top of the Goin holders with our in-app currency.

The Poacher

Not everybody is an active bargain hunter who wants to chase after discounts and coupons. Doesn't mean we do not like to snatch some goodies from time to time, does it? No problem at all - if you are a bargain poacher you can even get on the gravy train without effort. GoForIt Walk&win will push Goes and Goupons automatically to you at virtual pillars in the streets and at events like concerts, festivals or sport matches.

Become a part of the GoForIt Walk&Win Community

Follow us on our social media channels and get involved. If you can't find what you are looking for join our WhatsApp group and engage with us personally.

Introducing the Idea: The Future of Online Marketing

In the Beginning There was an Idea

In the summer of 2016 when we were all running around catching virtual monsters in the streets David saw the potential of AR and geo-based technology. There were so many opportunities, but having worked in digital marketing for many years the connection to mobile couponing was kind of a no-brainer for him. There was only one problem: David did not know how to put his idea into practise.

A Beautiful Symbiosis

One day he met Jorge, a brilliant and highly experienced developer, who has the knowhow to let David's vision become reality. Together they worked out the business model. Step by step the concept got more complex and they realized there was more to it than just the playful hunt for coupons. What would really make GoForIt Walk&Win the unique and mighty platform it should become was the combination of geo-based marketing, cloud computing and in-game asset trading.

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Finally it was time to stop only working on their product but to found their own company. David and Jorge moved their office into a coworking space where they met Axel. Axel is an old hand at finance and his expertise completed the necessary set of skills to make GoForIt Walk&Win a success.


Our Team

All of our team members take part in developing the idea and, as such, are characterized by great passion for GoForIt Walk&Win. Want to become a part of our family? We are currently looking for motivated new team members!

GoForIt Walk&Win Roadmap

We are working very hard to make our vision become reality. Here you can see our stepstones of the upcoming months.
Technical Setting

Development of technological environments.

MVP Development

Development of the minimum viable product.

Alpha Testing

Team-testing to find bugs and refine software.

Technical Launch

First launch of the Android app.

Live Test Intergration

Integration from live testing in the Android app.

Alpha Live Testing

Team-testing with live tests.

Beta Testing

When we have reached this stage you will be able to test our app!

Contact Us

We offer a variety of different options to contact us for more information, presence at events or mainly for interaction.

One Go, two Goes, one Goupon

So, what exactly is the difference between a Go and a Goupon? And which of these two can be bought and sold on the market? How do even create a Goupon in the first place? All of these questions will be answered in our quick tutorial. And if things are still a bit confusing after watching it, don’t feel ashamed to ask us on social media or in our WhatsApp group. We’re here to help!

Our App Availability

Our App will be available on various platforms: Join our community or join our WhatsApp group now and receive updates on when and where to download and test our Beta-Version before launch. Become part of our exclusive testers - contact us.